• All Non Member bookings must be scheduled through any of the platforms we use (Peerspace/Giggster/Splacer.)
  • Direct bookings are for members only.
  • We do not reschedule shoots. Once you book the time it is marked off the schedule so that no one else can book.. You will be allowed to enter the studio at the start time and you must be done and out by the end time. Running over your scheduled time will result in additional fees billed at 0.5 hours.
  • Your session starts at your booked time; if members of your set are late there is not an allowance.
  • You must exit the building at the end of your booked session; Do not continue to work in other areas of the building. You will be charged additional fees if so.
  • No smoking inside the studio or building.
  • No weapons/ live ammo/ guns are allowed in the studio unless we have discussed usage.
  • Please do all hair dressing in the dedicated spaces (restrooms/ vanity areas)
  • No glitter or confetti can be used in the studio. Use of any substances or liquids such as  water, mud, body oil, will require additional cleanup for which fees will apply.


  • The client who made the reservation is responsible for all people and equipment on their set including safety and damages.  You should arrive before your client/guest.  Clients, Guest and anyone who did not directly book the studio wil be asked to wait outside of the studio area until the individual who booked has arrived.
  • Food and beverages should remain in the kitchen area; Unless they are props for the shoot.  Please discuss this before the event.
  • Clients are responsible for all damages caused during the rental.
  • Studio furniture and props are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a 12$ fee for use of clothing and accessories.
  • Your reservation must include all the time you need to set up, shoot, clean up, and leave the building. You cannot enter the studio early, and you’re expected to leave the studio/building no later than the time your reservation ends. This allows everyone’s shoot to begin on time.
  • Include set-up and break down time in your booking, it is not automatically included. For example: You booked an hour but need 5-15 minutes to set up and break down. You’ll do better to book 1.5 hours. Events that run over time and/or cause delays for other guest will be charged an additional 0.5 hour.
  • Minors (under 17) are not allowed in the studio area without adult supervision